Small town girl turned Husky living in the Pacific Northwest.


Food has always been a part of my daily life. Not just that I feed and survive off of it like most. I REALLY enjoy trying new foods, spices, textures, and incorporating them into my everyday cooking. I’m more of the fill-the-plate type of foodie than the kind that only fills a small fraction of the plate for visual. No no, my blog is about eating and the process of turning veggies, spices, fruits, and other edible products into a homey dish that will awake all senses.

With my photo walk throughs I hope to increase your interest in cooking at home. I have a collection of recipes I have modified and others that I have taken out of my brain. It’s such a personal endeavor, being in the kitchen and turning a handful of ingredients into fuel for our bodies. I am not an experienced photographer, and you probably can tell; nor am I a professional chef. My goal instead is to immerse and invite you to my experiences in the kitchen to show that being a home cook can be a beautiful and ultimately fulfilling daily experience. 🙂