Warm Cup of Espresso ☕️

I recently got into Espresso. Home made Espresso.

A friend of ours recently bought the Breville Barista Touch. Oh. My. Gosh. This machine makes frothy, creamy, DELICIOUS Espresso.

Every evening for the last couple days we have sprinkled in visits to our friends place to have a cup..or two. We are here now. 🙊

Now, with his recent Breville purchase we inherited his DeLonghi Inissia and 4 packs of capsules. 😱 let’s just say that my husband and I are already looking forward to inheriting his Breville once he purchases his next Espresso machine venture. 😂

Got to go. Fortnite is being played in the background and I’m getting sucked in to watch.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful New Years. I know I am. 🥳

Until next time. ❤️