Hi friends who read this blog (and people who have stumbled across it who-knows-how).

Today we are going to make Tiramisu. Let’s get started.

If you got one of these. Use it. Particularly helpful and useful for when you want to display your desert. Since Tiramisu is assembled then refrigerated, it makes displaying super easy with the removable rim. Just pop the sucker off and you’re good to go.


Grab yourself some espresso powder. To be honest, you may have a tough time finding this in the grocery store. If you don’t find any, brew yourself some strong ass coffee and use that. For me, I have a bag of italian espresso that I bought during my last visit to italy. Once it’s brewed set it aside to cool. In the meantime, get your creamy layer going.


Put your Mascarpone into a mixer and beat the crap out of it. It’s texture will get a little lighter. See?

Once you got it like so, get yourself a carton of heavy whipping cream and whip that sucker until you got some stiff peaks. What are stiff peaks? Well, just imagine the texture of the stuff that comes out of a squeeze can. Add some suga.

Still feeling like its too complicated? Use Cool Whip. Either or, make sure you fold the whip cream in so that the fluff gets incorporated into the mascarpone.


Now, get your lady fingers soaked up in the espresso for a hot second or two on each side. Then lay them onto your pan. I like mine extra saucy with expresso so I let them enjoy the skinny dip a lil longer 😉


After a layer of your lady fingers, layer on your mascarpone/whip cream/cool whip mixture. Trick is to get even layers of your lady fingers and mascarpone. I’m still working on perfecting that but before we get into that, dust some cocoa powder on top like so.


My tiramisu had 2 layers of lady fingers. For the tippy top layer I added some mini chocolate chips. I LOVE mini chips, they’re the best for when you only want a small bit of chocolate in your bite 🙂


Ooooo lala 😉

Now go and make yourself some tiramisu!

1/4 cup espresso powder (or double the coffee grounds if you are using coffee)
2 cups water
2 – 8 oz tubs of Mascarpone Cheese
16 oz. heavy whipping cream
2 tablespoons of sugar, to taste
2 packs of Lady Fingers (you can find these at your local QFC or Whole Foods)
Coco Powder, for dusting
Mini chocolate chips (optional)

1. Make your espresso by boiling your water and adding your espresso powder (or coffee if your using it). Pour into a cake pan or shallow dish (for dipping lady fingers into later)

2. In a stand mixer or using your muscular arms, whip up your mascarpone until it is pretty much begging for mercy. Set it aside into a bowl.

3. Whip up your heavy whipping cream. Be sure to not go full speed to begin with or YOU WILL end up wearing it. Trust me. Patience here is the key.

4. Once you get stiff peaks, or if you used Cool Whip and skipped the previous step (welcome back), fold it into the mascarpone until it becomes a mousee-y frothy, yummyness. Fold in the sugar. I don’t like my filling too sweet, but it’s up to you!

5. Grab your lady fingers and get your pan ready (or plate). Dip the lady fingers into the espresso, about 1 second each side. Remember, the longer you dip the more liquid will be in your Tiramisu and that can affect not only the taste but the texture. You don’t want mush. After dipping, lay onto your springform pan (first picture) or any dish you have.

6. Spread a layer of your mascarpone/whip cream mixture. Be careful to not press too harshly on the soaked lady fingers as this may cause them to fall apart.

7. Using a sieve, dust cocoa powder on top of the filling. If you like (and I did) sprinkle some mini chips on top. Just do it.

8. Repeat steps 5-7.

9. OPTIONAL: if you use the springform pan you can do as I did and place them around the edges of the Tiramisu, using the cream as glue.

10. Eat.