Magnetic Spice Rack

12″ x 24″ Tin Wall Base for Magnetic Spice Jars (here’s the one I got)
Label Maker (the one shown in the photo)
24 Hexagonal 1 ½ oz jars (here’s where I got ’em)
3 Command Hooks (love these)
12 Command Strips (6 sets) (can’t live without these around)
30 Neodymium Magnets (super strong and can be found on eBay). I recommend using size 25mm x 2 mm


If you are limited on space AND also happen to have a collection of spices, it’s time to invest in a magnetic spice rack. Sure, you can purchase one complete for $70 bucks but I’m going to show you how I did mine and how tremendously helpful (not to mention a little stylish) it is.

I was initially inspired by Instructables but I didn’t use the 4 oz jars because of space as well as not having a need for a large amount of spice floating on my wall. Also, I really aimed to have this rack be a complete and convenient go-to source for my ALL my spices  and having the 1 ½  oz small jars like the ones I used works really well for me as they are lightweight and have a stronger magnet hold because of it.


Not to mention that it really helps and supports my bulk spice buying habit. I only buy what I need and the small amount lets me be creative and have a more revolving use of different spices; kinda like mixing it up every now and then when I buy another spice blend from my favorite spice shop.

Mounting Tips

I mounted the spice rack using about six sets of Command Hanging Strips and three Command Hooks at the bottom for reinforcement and support. I am completely against drilling in my wall so I have grown very fond of command strips  and hooks. These babies are strong! However, you will still want to check that you are within the supported weight range for your rack.


Spice Tins vs. Glass Jars

Most magnetic spice racks that I saw during my research prior to making the rack used these metal magnetic tins for the spices.

Original photo from Amazon product page.

While these aren’t necessarily bad or horrible to use, I felt really uneasy about the lack of screw top and the fact that many reviews expressed having some spice get stuck in between the lid closure causing little leaks every time they opened them. I love my spices too much to let them go to waste like that and not to mention I have the worst luck and can very easily see myself pulling the spice lid off while the base stays on the wall and I end up seasoning myself. I totally wanted to avoid that so I got these little guys. They are made of glass and have a cute gold screw-top lid.

Original photo from Amazon and is hyperlinked above.


After receiving the materials it took me about 10 minutes to put together. Honestly, I think labeling the spices took longer than the actual hanging of the steel wall base. And using a label maker isn’t complicated at all (at least not with the label maker I got for $10).I think refraining from finding things to label AFTER I was done with the spice jars was tougher to control (: .


The Finished Product (ta-da!)





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